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4 Feb 2021

With much regret we must inform you that it has been brought to our attention the 2 groups,  Mercy Worldwide Anglican Church out of an office in Ohio &  Worldwide Anglican Church (wac) Uganda  has been using the ACW good name to solicit funds from donors  
The ACW has no relationship with these groups who in 2017 stole our logo, used our statements, claiming our clergy, none of whom they never met 
It is sad that in the service of God  that there are those who will attempt such. We refer to them (not in anger) as spiritual pirates. They have beautiful website with hundreds of names (most of the names they have on never heard of them). In all these names there is no practical ministry just websites      
There’s not much we can do about this malfeasance, this is the dark side of the internet, we have alerted the American FBI and await their response
The ACW remains firm in decency, love and order for all the wrong they are doing we must pray for them  

Hartley, Presiding Bishop ACW


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