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13 Feb 2021

The  church should never be empty, the little red light burns in the chapel signifying "Gods holy presence.” 
The words of Archbishop Thomas Becket  to keep the doors of the church open over 900 years ago, the sound rises again today as a result of this pandemic. Since  March-2020 doors of the church have been shut, fellowship derailed. There  are those who will find every excuse not to enter but this must come to an end as our faith must secure its variability. Many who find excuses not to attend worship continues each in their daily lives running to theirs. They are in supermarkets, to family gatherings, organizational meetings but when it comes to the fellowship of the church, oh well.
The church must respect social-distancing, but the church can find their way back even in small numbers. The possibility of the virus being caught in the doors of the church can be little if we observe the request of our health officials. Most churches are big enough to insure  congregations are respectfully apart.
We are  missing the  lack of fellowship, holy communion , baptisms, weddings.  Look at the national congress of governments, they get on with their business, police and other services they all patrol the streets; we in the church can practice to make worship possible. When this is all over, we must be able to stand strong in our faith.  If we obey the rules, all will be well. Do not continue to find excuses to stay away from church as the altar of prayer becomes most  important to give thanks to our God.  
Respect social distancing,  give hope to your faith as even in times of peril our Lord walks with us. 
Ever faithful,
Hartley. Presiding Bishop ACW 


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