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5 Mar 2021

I am grateful to the many who responded to  “My showers of blessing”. As  I leave the office of Presiding-Bishop the  287 emails I received on the subject was  most heartwarming. As you read you may wonder why he keeps writing. There can be many answers but mine is my love for the work-of-Christ which is more rewarding than any paycheck I may receive.
If you're reading this you are but one of over 350 who received this message, then some forwarded to their email-friends, thus spreading the message.  Our showers was read in every-continent from New-Zealand to the tiny island of Montserrat in the Caribbean.  We’re  grateful for our friends in Australia, Kenya, United-Kingdom and the Caribbean. Also we are grateful to the retiring Archbishop of York a friend whose advice is always monumental, hear his episcope “When you do badly you take the blame, when you do well you’ll get no credit but carry on doing God's work.”
As I venture off to borders unknown I don’t know what will happen to me but all I wish to do is God's-will; he has given unto me the task of “Reaching out to the world.” 
Soon I shall venture off to Australia to perform a requested-duty basking in his showers of blessings  and as age will not wait, I pray that you who in this reading may stand beneath his “showers of blessing” that God has bestowed unto you. Covid-19 has taken many from us but as we look to our blessings we know there is more to come. 
Finally, I’ve placed on the shoulders of Fr Felix Nzeyimana the honorary title of Canon in the ACW who will serve to my office as Chaplin from his office in Quebec Canada. 
Receive your showers of blessings as they come. 
Ever faithful, 
In the 25th year of my consecration 
Hartley, Archbishop/ACW 


Reaching Out to the World and..... Beyond
Under the Protection of the Cross

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