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29 Apr 2021

As we grow older we seem to decide to sit back and let life pass us by. Some retreat to a rocking-chair, walking-canes or a wheel-chair or just not getting out of bed, but I invite you today DON’T-FORGET-TO-LIVE. There is so much left for you-to-do. You did not work for 50-60 years for your grandchildren to inherit their-greedy-hands on your social-security and blow it, leave them something but, blow as much of it on YOU.
His Royal-Highness, Prince-Phillip, showed us the door-of-living; our beloved Queen-Elizabeth 95 still at her desk. I have 2-beloved-friends  both 78 with serious cancer-issues, they each struggle with effects of radiation-medication, BUT, one just bought a new Cadillac, the other plans to travel the Caribbean and kick-her-feet in the sand. They have not forgotten  to live. 
Our 80-year old  Patriarch-Connor in Florida is still hard at work, do not tell him to retire, he will not hear of it.  Another bishop in Georgia is 85,  talk to him about retirement, not likely. These people of honor have not forgotten how to live.   
In life  death is the only-thing  that shares fair, but no need to hurry it along. It will come, when-it-will-come. I have done over 3000-funerals in my pastoral-journey but the ensuing words of Jesus, “I am the resurrection”, that can wait until he’s ready for us.
Young-people have taken over the world, we go to tennis games to watch 16 year-old play, 22-year-old football-players (making millions of $$),  (football, not SOCCER, there is no such sport) but live; DON’T-FORGET-TO-LIVE. 
We are sadden that COVID-19  has taken many wonderful-elderly-lives from us, but if you are over 60, life has not passed-you-by. I bought a convertible car 17-years ago  that I refuse to drive with the top on,  even when caught-in-the-rain. It's my  fun-car. I’ve put less than 3000-miles on it, but each time I ride in it, it reminds me DON’T-FORGET-TO-LIVE. 
So to all my beloved friends in the ACW & beyond, old or young,
Hartley, Archbishop, ACW 


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