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1 Jun 2021

Beloved Brothers & Sisters in the ACW and beyond:
First thanks to all who shared their concerns in my recent health scare but it was a point well worth attention, I have listened, learned and heeded its charge. Somewhere I forgot I was not the 45-year-old Bishop consecrated in 1997 but  a 70-year-old Bishop that found age-and-time is no respecter-of-person, it deals only  in reality. 
Now the reality of time has called and as my health has taken to reality and sad conclusion that it’s time to withdraw for the leadership of the ACW to younger-men. 
The ACW  has not convene a Synod for the past 2-years, covid-19 was our hindrance, we have tried to keep going but the overall ministry has suffered but the church will not be defeated. 
A General Synod will be call for June-18-23--2021,  be it virtual or present, all will be in contact, however it comes. More details in the coming week… We will invite  as many as we can to the Cathedral, placing the ACW on a path to rebuilding with new leadership and seek our relief of pastoral leadership.
Sometimes  we feel that the work will not go forward without us, this is folly; perhaps I behaved in such a way and led many to believe that I could do it all. I deeply  apologize for this misconception and while I shall never leave the church or its ministries, my leadership, my health and its accountability begs the question and has taken its toll. I pray Gods forgiveness for my lack of accountable-leadership to my health and its needs. I give a jolly burst of thanks for the over 300 emails/phone-calls poured into the ACW from, Australia/New-Zealand, the Caribbean, USA & Europe, most of whom I have never met.  
Within the next week we shall be sending out plans for Synod 2021.  We ask your prayers of GUIDANCE as we remain... 
Ever faithful,
Hartley. Archbishop ACW
SYNOD 1-2021 


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