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26 Mar 2020

There is a parish within the corridors of the area of Good Shepherd, For  the first in their 95 year history with over 200 members they did not have church services but this past Sunday their tithing came full circle,  their offering increased more than 10%. It is a wonderful story  that members of their parish did forget their financial  obligations to the church and God 
Many denominations saw a short fall in their tithing resources, we understand this if the  doors are not  open this will happen, thus we take this time to ask U not to forget your church in giving. Even though in this time of  crisis and  power companies and other services  have said they will not interrupt services the bills still have to be paid,  therefore no matter what denomination you belong, we urge U to remember this. The church could possibly die if it is not financially supported by those who say love the church 
In  the ACW we thank those who support their church these past 2 weeks and pray that in all we do the glory of God will be evident in all our doing now and..........................beyond 

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


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