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                 From the Office of the Presiding Bishop      
Archbishop Hartley
Presiding Bishop with 
Holy See in the West Indies

4 Sep 2020    Yes, You are Your Brother's Keeper!!!
Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.
3 Aug 2020    27 Ounces of Tin
This pandemic has no friends, takes no hostages... We continue to implore you to be safe, wear your mask.
23 Jul 2020    WEAR A MASK!

It is sad when we lose a love one, but many in our respective communities are not following the guidelines of our health officials  protecting themselves and others...

20 Jul 2020    Home is Where the Heart Is

Families  must look to each other in this time of crisis, not always for the negative or to criticize. They must  live and let others live...

11 Jul 2020    Notice

Since Synod 2020 could not take place serveral ordinations were put on hold. However with the easing of restriction we are in the process of committing to the 9  ordinations planned.

3 Jul 2020    God Bless America!

...244 years have passed and countless generations have come and gone and with each generation vast changes are made.  But thankfully America endures.

25 Jun 2020    Politics, Politicians & the Church

Politicians are part of society, their issues are part of our lives and should not  be ignored, but as the writer in Ecclesiastes laments ‘There is a time and place for every thing’ so it should be with the church. 

19 Jun 2020    The Men Who Rule the Church

Today, in this changing world, our work now must shine to be an example for young clergy. We must not make ourselves unreachable.

10 Jun 2020    Predators/False Internet Postings
We have NO relations with the “wac”...They stole our logo and claim as their own many elements of the ACW  tradition... 
7 Jun 2020    Amaing Grace & Redemption
In all of life circumstances there is hope of redemption but redemption does not come via social-media protest  but change that can be found in God's  redemption.
17 May 2020    It Is Well
In our lives there are daily troubles that come to us... It seems all hope is lost. It’s easy for moralist (bishops-included)  to pontificate where sometimes we do not fully understand the plight of those who suffer... 
26 Apr 2020    Look. Learn. Listen

St Paul teaches this “Now abides these three  faith, hope, charity,  but the greatest of these is charity”  let it shine unselfishly in loving kindness and hope for a better future. 

22 Apr 2020    Flags of the World

The gardens this year will be a tribute to the colors of the Anglican (Red, Blue & white within its rolling acres, sponsored by Little Caesar Pizza, Olive  Garden, & Coke Cola   

18 Apr 2020    Sermon for today Part 14

The ACW is vigilant in its self examination of caring, and we invite you to do likewise,  Hear the words of hymn writer Charles-Wesley, “And are we yet alive, and see each other’s face; Glory and thanks to Jesus give.” 

15 Apr 2020    Frightened & lost

Recently I noted that no-one  should feel trapped in their home, their comfort there but getting up  Sunday mornings and cannot enter the house-of-God is a disturbing feeling 

12 Apr 2020    Sermon for Easter

Our  pews are empty, BUT so is the grave where my compatriot Fr Pott & brother priest and  still finds room to give encouragement in his translation.   

10 Apr 2020    Tis-Good-Friday

Tis-Good-Friday time to forgive, reconcile, and prepare to sing in loud hosanna’s  “HE LIVES"   recommitting yourself to his love-and-sacrifice away  from a world of sin and shame,

6 Apr 2020    Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
We  have never been asked to equate ourselves with our-Lord, but as we face Corono-19 and as 
Her-Majesty Queen-Elizabeth said in a broadcast to the united-kingdom/world Sunday we must hold-on-to-each-other, our faith and God. 
5 Apr 2020    A Sermon for Today Part - 13
Now today we share with you our personal prayers for PASSION----PALM----EASTER Sunday.  We invite you to meditate on them in your daily walk.  
4 Apr 2020    Your Faith: Resting place

Pastors again we implore you to heed the words of our elected-and-health officials. Confidently Knowing your hope in Jesus, you don’t have to be  physically-in-church to be with our lord, 

2 Apr 2020    A serious matter

Remember one thing if you do not care about your life do not put those who have shown you loyalty, show them leadership-and-respect DO NOT  PUT THEIR  LIVES IN DANGER. 

29 Mar 2020    A sermon for today Part-12

...Corono-19 will one day go away, take heed your elected leaders advice and shelter-in-place, but while sheltering  seek Gods-guidance, call someone, share a word of joy-and-comfort... 

27 Mar 2020    “Let’s make the best of this challenge with courage and faith”

This is a time that we should take to rediscover ourselves, our families and even the home of which you pay-a-mortgage, enjoy it, sit in your living-room and enjoy a good-book with a glass-of-wine...

26 Mar 2020    Remember the Church in this time of crisis

Even though in this time of  crisis and  power companies and other services  have said they will not interrupt services the bills still have to be paid,  therefore no matter what denomination you belong, we urge U to remember this. The church could possibly die if it is not financially supported by those who say love the church 

24 Mar 2020    God’s wicked sense of humor PART-1
While we are saddened by what’s upon us, we are assured that God will deliver us as we climb steadfastly to His cross.


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