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27 Mar 2020

We have been instructed to practiced Social-distancing Some people are complaining, some anxious, some taking it in stride, then there are those who have taken it to a political-divide  mostly to enhance their egotistical-political-aspirations, but as this unwelcome, unknown Corono-19 descended upon us we lead-in-prayer. In 1551 St-Francis of Assisi speaking to a group of Monks, chided them. “God  creates our Choices and leaves us to choose” perhaps today he would say in this time of crisis “Let’s make the best of this challenge with courage and faith” 
Jesus in teaching his disciples of the fragrance of the world tells them to take a look “Consider the lilies of the fields, how they bloom, they have no keeper, yet  Solomon in all his glory could never be arrayed as one of these, our heavenly father is their keeper and so he is yours” 
The world has seen many ugly things  from the beginning of time, mostly brought by-our-own-hands, but as you look  forward and even back, you will see as the Desiderata tells us “it’s still a beautiful world” thus, the ACW implores you  in this current time “Let’s make the best of this challenge with courage and faith” 
Our elected government officials, law enforcement & health responders have urged us to shelter-in-place, its not a legal-enforcement order but one that deserves respect, they are trying to save-lives, those who hold corona parties are irresponsible’s and lacks respect for those around them.  
This is a time that we should take to rediscover ourselves, our families and even the home of which you pay-a-mortgage, enjoy it, sit in your living-room and enjoy a good-book with a glass-of-wine, one should never feel trapped in their-own-home, you live there, pay-for-it, enjoy it,  entertaining each-other with a good-movie, do not let the ravages of time destroy you
I have been asked by local-leaders and law-enforcement  to spread a good-word to those who feel trapped, ask them respect the calls to stay in place until this is ore. We do not know when  this crisis will end, but it will.  In the midst of this flowers will still bloom, churches, restaurants, museums  will re-open, so will political town-hall meetings and the lot again, all living under the care of God, so to all “Let’s make the best of this challenge with courage and faith” 

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


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