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From the Office of the Presiding Bishop > A sermon for today Part-12

29 Mar 2020

Around the vaunted surroundings of the ACW-Cathedral there was a glimpse of darkness that hovered  over the 60-year-old edifice  the dimness of our lighting, was from its building history but this  past-week thru a gracious benefactor  a new LCD light high on a pole  was installed that rises from dust-till-dawn. As we waited the evening-darkness to descend we saw a light that we’ve never seen before, its brightness made it look  like a slice-of-heaven touching  our doors. 
In this time where uncertainty grabs the world  Henry-Zelley, a preacher/hymn writer came to our thoughts  in his melody, HEAVENLY-SUNLIGHT . 
In this hymn Henry-Zelley  counsel us to  Walking in sunlight all of our journey,  Over the mountains thru dark vale Jesus said I’ll never forsake thee,  In these trouble times where the world is in a maze-of-doubt and none knows what will happen next but following  the LIGHT-OF-CHRIST we shall find direction ahead
Many are  wandering what to do,  where to go , but if we walk in the 
LIGHT-OF-CHRIST we will overcome the darkness of this time, What to do? depend on him, where to go? He will guide you,  he is the light in the darkness and will guide you  thru, we shall not stumble-or-wander. 
So you a beef with your neighbor, Call them forgive them. 
You have done others wrong, ask-their-forgiveness.  Let  us in this time of physical-darkness walk in LIGHT-OF-CHRIST, darkness will succumbed, God’s will lead the way and what’s ahead will not-be as troublesome as it seems 
Henry Zelley  rides the high-ground, Shadows around and above me, Never conceal my Savior guidance, there is light in him there’s no darkness when  we walk close to him. As mere humans life’s-ravages will scare us  but in the constant look to the  Heavenly sunlight of God‘s eternal love
Beloved-in-Christ Corono-19 will one day go away, take heed your elected leaders advice and shelter-in-place, but while sheltering  seek Gods-guidance, call someone, share a word of joy-and-comfort here  you will see that when all is over you not only will enjoy the LIGHT-OF-CHRIST  but a worthy place in his love 
Hear Zelley one last time,  In the bright sunlight ever-rejoicing Sing his praises gladly walking in his sunlight,  
Good-Shepherd-Cathedral new light  now gives a path not to stumble when we wander in the nighttime, a constant reminder of the LIGHT-OF-CHRIST where with his guidance we shall not fall or fail  
The Hymn text  
Walking in sunlight all of my journey, 
Over the mountains thru the dark vale
Jesus has said I’ll never-forsake thee, 
Promise divine that never can fail 
Heavenly sunlight, 
Flooding my soul with glory-divine 
Hallelujah I am rejoicing, singing his praises Jesus is mine
Shadows around me, shadows above me 
Never conceal my Savior and guide 
He is the light in him there’s-no-darkness
Ever I’m walking close to his side 
In the bright sunlight ever rejoicing 
Pressing my way to mansions above 
Singing his praises gladly-I’m-walking 
Walking in sunlight, sunlight of love 

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


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