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4 Apr 2020

I wish to thank the many for their emails on  “A serious matter” recognizing  that  God always stands with us and  we are not to see our personal emotions to deal with the realities we face. I think of an 87-year-old-dear-sweet-lady, loyal to her church-and-pastor, yet her pastor-filling diatribe did not hide from the storm 
Many people use the word God to justify their own cause, they however use it to lead other to self-destruction  
Lent began February-26 and we have not been able to liturgically walk the Stations-of-the-Cross but we are not to be inhibited in-our-journey of faith. This Sunday is Palm-Sunday.  We will not be able to fellowship-together in celebration-of-faith while we cannot see each other we can still fellowship. Call, email someone share a word of faith 
Pastors again we implore you to heed the words of our elected-and-health officials. Confidently Knowing your hope in Jesus, you don’t have to be  physically-in-church to be with our lord,  we can share with  Ledie-Edmunds 
My faith has found a resting-place, 
Not in device or creed 
I trust the ever-living one, 
His-wounds for me shall plead 
I need no other argument, 
I need no other plea 
It is enough that Jesus died, 
And that he died for me 
Enough for me that Jesus-saves, 
This ends my fear-and-doubts 
A sinful soul I come to him, 
He’ll never cast me out 
My great physician heals-the-sick, 
the lost he came to save
For me his precious blood-he-shed, 
for me his blood he gave
Your Shelter in place 
Presiding Bishop Hartley 

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


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