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15 Apr 2020

Several ministers have been reaching out to this office that they cannot attend the to the  charge given, as one minister puts it,  he was  Frightened & Lost,  and as he spoke the words I too realized that I am also Frightened & Lost 
At the age of 4 I was placed on the altar as an acolyte since then I have been on the altar, never in this journey have I been away fro the doors of the church 4 Sundays in a row, thus I concur with my brother I’m Frightened & Lost 
Recently I noted that no-one  should feel trapped in their home, their comfort there but getting up  Sunday mornings and cannot enter the house-of-God is a disturbing feeling 
So to my brothers wherever you are how do you feel?
Do you feel  Frightened & Lost? 
Do you feel defeated that you cannot worship, and meet the spiritual needs under your care?  
If Synod 2020 had gone forth, visitors from Australia, the Caribbean, United-Kingdom (most already with bought tickets)   and from around the USA would have shared fellowship with us, I shall miss this, thus I am indeed I’m Frightened & Lost. 
I would like to hear your comments to share  
Ever faithful 

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


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