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22 Apr 2020

As the Second Sunday of Easter comes the ACW commences its annual Year-of-flags representing 75  countries around the world. Countries are  chosen by members of the Cathedral & Archdiocese. Within the Cathedral & Archdiocese all flags of the world are our displayed, we are proud to share them. All flags fly on poles below the American flag each flying for 1 or 2 days  
Flags n the linage of time for some countries Independence days 
This tear we salute 12 African, 18 Asian,  24,  North America 12 & 9 South America countries 
AFRICA (12)  Botswana, Burundi,  Democratic-Republic-Of-Congo  Equatorial-Guinea,  Ethiopia   Ghana  Kenya  Malawi Mozambique  Nigeria South-Africa 
ASIA (18)Afghanistan  Australia  Bangladesh  China  Fiji  India  Iraq  Israel  Japan   South-Korea  Pakistan Philippines New-Zealand Vanuatu Tajikistan Thailand  Vietnam Yemen 
EUROPE 24  Austria Belarus Belgium Cyprus Denmark Finland France Germany 
Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Liechtenstein Luxemburg  Ma

lta Monaco  
Netherlands Romania Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United-Kingdom 
NORTH. AMERICA (12) Antigua-Barbuda Bahamas Barbados Canada Dominica Grenada Haiti Jamaica Panama St-Kitts St-Vincent Trinidad 
SOUTH. AMERICA (9) Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador El Salvador 
Guyana Peru Suriname Uruguay Venezuela 
We continue this tradition in the hope as our Motto demand “Reaching out to the World…and beyond 
*The gardens this year will be a tribute to the colors of the Anglican (Red, Blue & white within its rolling acres, sponsored by Little Caesar Pizza, Olive  Garden, & Coke Cola   

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


Reaching Out to the World and..... Beyond
Under the Protection of the Cross

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