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19 Jun 2020

There  are too many bishops in the Continuing Church of the Anglican faith. That is just a title, but there is much that can and should be done by Bishops who have been set apart.  To  run around in beautiful robes being called THE MOST THIS or  MOST THAT, shuns the very being our  existence, we must find our place in Gods service and heed to the call to which we have been charged. 
As St. Paul gives advice to Timothy, "If a man desires the office of a Bishop, he desires a good work. A Bishop must be blameless, be of good behavior, given to hospitality, to teach; he must be worthy, steadfast and most of all preach the Gospel."
Today, in this changing world, our work now must shine to be an example for young clergy. We must not make ourselves unreachable. Along the way, we are indeed the men who rule the church, not by our titles but  BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


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