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25 Jun 2020

The political time is upon us again and  politicians from all sides will use it to their advantage against each other it a devastating cycle that even in this age of pandemic they will use it to further their own cause, some of them showing up at church just to spread their divisive-politics to get elected. What is most distressing that Pastors allow them to use their pulpits, denying those who came to hear the word-of-God, never does, just a bunch of mind boggling self-serving election promises 
Most  politicians have to use GPS to find the church, after that, they never return  until election time again. The church is being use to promote their social causes  many make promises they will never  keep,  the church is dismissed  with no spiritual intake.  There is nothing wrong with the church being involved within their community politics, but should never allow its Holy Sanctuary to be misused by politicians  ready made TV sound bites. What is most distressing about much of this is that if the politician has  name recognition there are tons of reporters, packing the pews and parking lot, leaving regular members without room for  parking or pews
Politicians are part of society, their issues are part of our lives and should not  be ignored, but as the writer in Ecclesiastes laments ‘There is a time and place for every thing’ so it should be with the church. We recognized that politics are a part of the church, but worship should never be placed on waiver for political ramblings. If you look in this troubled world today the church is totally needed to carry out its duty spiritually,  and as Thomas-Becket reminds us centuries ago ‘the red light burns in the chapel  signifies  God’s holy presence, it should never be defiled. 
When  the political season is over,  politicians, the media will  disappear,  thus, the answer is simple, let the politicians do what they do, but never let the church be used to promote their self serving agenda.  Its  duty is to reach the souls of men giving them aid & comfort 

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


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