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11 Jul 2020

The ACW will embarked on a 2 weekend trip to   open and re-open  a parish this coming week of July 15-17 & 22-29 First we  travel to Louisville  Kentucky to reopen our parish  which has suffered greatly because of the pandemic, then the following weekend we shall travel to Jefferson City Indiana to open new doors not unfamiliar to us who are in bible study formation to  full parish  status, further visitation to New Mexico, Nashville Tennessee & Oklahoma are planned for the coming weeks
We are mindful the pandemic has caused much distress but we shall observe all observances of  full social distancing. 
We are also please that our afflation in New Zealand and Australia are springing back to life as their  respective countries are slowly reopening 
Since Synod 2020 could not take place serveral ordinations were put on hold. However with the easing of restriction we are in the process of committing to the 9  ordinations planned   1 bishop, 5. Deacons &3 priest  in and around the USA, information and their dates of ordination will be published after all vetting is completed  and proper ordination  services can be planned. All clergy  ordinations  will be within their congregations  where family and friends can worship & fellowship  
The ACW at this time has suspended all application to holy orders until verification can be done on their vita 
We ask your prayers and support as we slowly remerge from the dark days of the pandemic and we continue our journey  “Reaching out to the world” 
Have a blest week 

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


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