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Mission Statement GSAC

We at Good Shepherd Anglican Church have set ourselves to the task of bringing People to the Church and to Christ, especially the youth.  We do this by promoting spiritual growth through academic achievement with a goal of creating lots of empty spaces in our prison system. Amen

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History of Good Shepherd Anglican Church

Under the careful hand of Archbishop Wilfred Portier, Good Shepherd (GS) was formed November 1, 1996. We worshiped at St Phillip’s Catholic Church in East St. Louis, IL for nine (9) months before the purchase of current home, July 25, 1997. Formerly built as an Episcopal Church in 1960, GS stands upon a hill overlooking a local highway and across the street from the Juvenile Detention Center; where rumor has it that when the organ is fired up you can hear its music in that facility. Its rich music brings many people to our doors for worship and the ever evolving community services, (i.e. Festival of Lessons and Palm Sundays) and is a constant reminder, while the Anglican faith is not yet a household word in this community, it is coming along.

GS history is entwined with the ACW. It was designated the Mother Church of the ACW in 1998. During the years that followed, the parish has been actively involved in the community with its development of outreach programs. Within GS there is seating for 1000, 250 at time. GS has seen visitors and heard sermons from preachers from every continent of the world. Its majestic pulpit, standing 7 feet high, gives to the acoustics of the edifice and a true homage of worship experience. Nine Bishops and 37 Priests and 22 Deacons were consecrated within. 30 Bishops from around the USA and around the World visited within the first 14 years from various Anglican branches.

In its community efforts, we have worked with several local companies to assist in outreach development around us. Their financial contributions have allowed us to be generous to our community.  

Author: Archbishop Hartley


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