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15 Sep 2017

Unjust leadership prompts ACW reformation]
The initiative to commence the ACW reform was taken by the prevailing Bishops and Priests as a consequence of the egocentric leadership and duplicitous exploitations demonstrated by the former Presiding Archbishop of the ACW during his administration.
Following the eradication of wrongful concords of the previous administration, the ACW renounced its name and became the World
Worldwide Anglican Church (WAC) in July 2017.
The WAC’s operations are now conducted with utmost fairness, and the organisation is dedicated to establishing a resilient and welcoming foundation for devoted believers worldwide.
History will decide on the work of the WAC, but it will be left to our successors to carry the vision. It is our hope that we, who have planted the seeds
of growth, while we will not see it, will bear fruit that brings others to the kingdom of God. We pray at that time that much will not be said of who we were, but that what we have done.
Worldwide Anglican Church (WAC) Central Office is registered and incorporated in Uganda.

From the Office of the ACW Provost

The above 177 words, most of it pirated from the ACW, has been stolen by the wac. They have written that his leadership was repulsive and his calling not of God. They have created a website using 98% of the ACW words (all) of which was  written in 1998 by his Eminence Hartley; thus, the question is asked. “if they find him so repulsive and not of God, why plagiarize his work using every word he wrote as their own.
For 4 years  the ACW begged those in Uganda to seek government recognition, they never did. Now again they claim to be registered in Uganda, but verification cannot be found. We have received back letters of confirmation from the Ugandan government that the  ACW was never registered, neither is the now wac.  The wac have stolen our logo as theirs without copyright permission. 
We pray for them and hope they find legal status for their church. Beautiful websites with no verification of what’s written on it helps no one. The ACW have taken legal  steps in the  USA and Uganda to clear the ACW's name from any misrepresentation. This will mean nothing in Uganda but protects us in the USA and Caribbean where we are copyrighted. Such infringement is a federal  crime is the USA. We have also informed the American Embassy in Uganda the ACW name is not to be used for obtaining visas for travel to USA  by Ugandan personal as we have done in the past.
In the Kingdom of God there is always room for one more, but it brings no dignity with piracy, plagiarizers and  un-verified information.

Those of you who have written to us offended of their name on wac website, you must not  worry, just remember them in your prayers.
Fr James Burke
Provost ACW




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